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Sunday, January 30, 2011


over the fence




  1. I found your blog totally by chance, but I have to say that I'm really impressed. I watch a lot of phographs and I have my prefered photographers (mostly French), but in my opinion, your photographs are one of the best street photographs that I've ever seen. They are so natural, so fresh, so full of emotions. I love the way you see the world, because you notice details that make our life beautiful. You preserve the moments that seem to be unseizable. Thank you. And good luck!

  2. Hey,

    my name is Sabina and I absolutely love your photography! You really know how to capture the 'desicive moment' and your work reminds me alot of Matt Staurt's and Henri Cartier-Bresson's work.

    I'm actually in Berlin (Mitte, Heart og Gold Hostel) with my photography course to do a city project. I use a lot of your work and Matt Staurt's work as inspiration.
    I was just wondering, if you have time, if you would like to meet up and show me around? I'm here until thursday.


  3. the first shot in serie is just amazing! beautiful light, composition and capture. i love it!


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