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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


istaf 2010 6

istaf 2010 5

istaf 2010 8

istaf 2010 9 - national anthem

istaf 2010 7 - das erste

istaf 2010 4


  1. I found you while cruising the web, I enjoyed seeing your work. You have a good eye for the artistic moments of everyday life. The opening photo of the stadium roof with the clouds is very well done. It is composed well, and the bright white of the clouds make a very good contrast to the silouette of the roof framework. As I scolled down your page to some previous postings, I was able to find others' that I liked: The subway train with the advertisment that seems to be watching the young woman walk by, The family night photo of the dog sleeping on the stuffed animal pillows, The horse statue that looks as though it is going to jump off of the top of the building, And the head shaving documentary. GOOD WORK!! Roy L. Seattle, Washington, USA.

  2. I really dig that photo of the hurdlers taking off. Great stuff!


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